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To celebrate the staff birthday

TIME:2013-04-03 11:57:34

The company diversified expression of concern for employees, to create a caring enterprise culture atmosphere, the Leily company every month have a birthday party for the staff whoes birthday is in that month.

To make employees feel real collective family care, enhance staff's sense of belonging and a sense is our company's identity. In March 16th, the company leaders gathered for staff birthday. Seemingly small activity, but expressed concern on the staff of the company, reflects the value of life of staff, improve staff cohesion, centripetal force, improve the staff's working enthusiasm, it is a good plan, it is also advocated the corporate culture, the implementation of a measure of the humanized management.

The songs again, laughters again, all the blessings and greetings infused "Leily" staff's heart lake, let them know each other more and be moved. 
Dear friend, let the sincere friendship as levitt-like always flow in "Leily" people's heart; let "Leily" friendships follow the  sublimation of work, let sunshine of friendship lightend up all our life.